Ever since we started putting computers in vehicles and connecting them to outside systems, consultants at Assured have been involved in securing those systems and networks.

Be it an electric hypercar, a hybrid car-sharing platform, a self-driving truck, a connected bus or any type of vehicle in between: Assured Security Consultants have the tools and qualified experience to assess the security of any vehicle.


Securing connected vehicles is our specialty

Brochure (pdf) on our automotive security services

We work with world renowned OEMs, global suppliers, and service providers in the Automotive eco-system. We tailor our work to your needs, making sure you get the best value of our services, while making sure you get technical expertise supporting UN Cybersecurity Regulation No. 155, No. 156 and the ISO/SAE 21434 standard.

We all know a vehicle is no longer a stand-alone system; it's interconnected from the DevOps pipelines to production facilities, from digital twins to service stations, from Apps to Over-The-Air updates. Assured can support you in assessing, testing and improving the cyber security in any parts of your product lifecycle.


We've worked with several prominent parties in the automotive industry as penetration testers, long-term contractors and as research partners. Most recently we have been engaged with Group Lotus, Volvo Group, CEVT, WirelessCar and Einride. Among our customers and partners you will also find RI.SE, Autocom, Zacco and Combitech.

Being situated in Gothenburg, we have the forefront of the automotive industry, research and development at our doorstep.

Please get in touch if you are interested in how Assured can assist in making your vehicles cybersecurity resilient and regulations compliant.