Advent of Code 2022

by Alexander Alasjö 2022-12-01

Advent of Code logo

This marks the second year Assured proudly joins Advent of Code as a sponsor.

Most of us do not write code on a daily basis, but every now and then we need to brush off our scripting or programming hats to implement a tool or modify some code. We also regularly review code as part of our services so keeping up to date with programming languages, coding standards and libraries is important.

We love to partake in technical challenges, be it security capture-the-flag (CTF) contests or coding challenges such as Advent of Code. As a company it feels natural to sponsor such events.

If you have found us via the link in our sponsor message at Advent of Code sponsors, we hope that you're having a good time solving the daily challenges. Otherwise, feel encouraged to take a spin and try it out (and tell your friends to join)!

If you're an experienced programmer, you probably know the importance of writing secure code. We at Assured are specialized in application security, performing secure code reviews and penetration testing on all kinds of applications in all kinds of environments. Reach out if you need any help!

We're also looking for people with a burning passion for technical information security to come work with us. Read more on our careers page.